swimming pool



Aqualaren provides a swimming facility where kids and adults can go to enjoy a day out. The swimming pool was facing many customers complaints about the lighting. These complaints were about having insufficient lighting throughout the facility. This is usually caused by a combination of high lumen depreciation and misplaced lighting causing a dark atmosphere throughout the whole premises.

Furthermore, the high energy usage and maintenance of the conventional lighting resulted in high operating costs. Aqualaren decided to find a solution for those problems, Baiyiled Europe was elected as a partner to provide a solution for the facility.




 The swimming facility had the conventional batten fitting with 2 fluorescent Tl-tubes inside with an estimated consumption of 140 Watt. These were replaced by the 56 Watt Baiyiled LSA LED fixture.

Next, the 400 Watt HQI lamps in the building were replaced by the 150 Watt Baiyiled GKC highbay luminaires.

Both solutions were a one to one replacement of the existing luminaires. The area was also provided with additional fixtures which were placed in the correct position to cure the dark spots throughout the area.




With Baiyiled’s outstanding LED lighting solutions in place, Aqualaren was able to realize benefits on multiple levels.

Aqualaren realised a return on investment in just 3 years due to no maintenance costs, low energy consumption, sustainable lumen output and the long 50000 hours lifetime of the Baiyiled luminaires. This also helped reducing the operating costs of the lighting system to a minimum. Furthermore, the swimming facility gained an equally lit area because of the correct placement of the baiyiled luminaires.

Finally, the excellent low glare performance of the Baiyiled lighting system reduced reflection on the water, thus reducing dazzle for the people in the near vicinity. This helped creating a safer and a more pleasant environment. 



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