de uithof fun track


THE BACKGROUND: Sport center De Uithof in The Hague is a popular destination for sport lovers in the Netherlands and home to professional ice hockey team HYS. After upgrading the ice hockey hall and ice skating rink with Baiyiled’s customized LED lighting solutions and realizing value beyond their set objectives, De Uithof decided to expand the lighting upgrade to include the 400m ski track/ apply the lighting upgrade to the 400m ski track. In addition to improving the lighting and thus, creating a better sport environment for visitors, the new system was required to decrease operational expenses. An ambitious undertaking.


Continuing the successful cooperation after the previous outstanding experience, De Uithof chose Baiyiled to create a LED Lighting Solution for the 400m track.


THE SOLUTION: To achieve the objectives of this project, Baiyiled installed highly efficient TGE LED floodlights on the 400m ski track. Designed for the demanding illumination of wide areas, the floodlights deliver excellent lumen output and a uniform lighting performance. They provide bright, low-glare lighting to skiers, making them an optimal choice for this upgrade


THE BENEFITS: Utlilizing Baiyiled’s lighting solution, De Uithof was able to create a sport environment that provides value for everyone. Visitors benefit from the increased light quality that improves visibility and safety levels, as well as the visual comfort. The result is a better, more enjoyable sport experience, that translates into popularity and profits for the sport center. De Uithof additionally benefits from the significantly reduced energy consumption, long floodlight lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance costs. This kind of excellent operational efficiency allows for savings of as high as 75% and frees up money to invest in other projects.



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