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The Background


Popular garden center Ockenburgh offers a wide range of plants, garden furniture, and decorations, and sponsors events that raise money for charities. Their long opening hours and dedicated staff are hallmarks of the store’s strong dedication to providing the best shopping experience to customers. This dedication led to Ockenburgh’s decision to equip the store with high quality LED lighting. The goal was to upgrade the existing system that was suffering from diminishing illumination performance and inflated energy consumption in a way that would combine elegance with high levels of operational efficiency and excellent lighting performance. A demanding task for lighting providers.


The Solution


For this project Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution that featured a range of luminaires, strategically placed to provide the best result. More specifically, areas showcasing decoration and furniture were equipped with a combination of multi-functional LSAlining systems and future-proof T8 Tubes. The lamps’ uniform, low-glare illumination and easy installation without rewiring of the entire fixture presented the perfect match for Ockenburgh’s requirements. In areas displaying plants, Baiyiled used its GKB High-Bays, whose high lumen output and wide distribution made them an ideal choice for application in these sections. 


The Benefits


As a result of this upgrade, the garden center was able to enhance the shopping experience for visitors, and establish ongoing savings, taking operational efficiency to the next level. The LED solution’s low energy consumption, long luminaire lifetime of up to 80.000h, and minimal installation and maintenance costs created savings of as much as 75%, freeing up money for other projects. In terms of lighting performance, the upgrade’s high quality illumination resulted in a visually flattering display of products, positively influencing the shopping atmosphere. Additionally, new lighting systems improved visibility and visual comfort, which in turn stimulate sales. An elegant and functional solution with benefits for every party involved.


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