The Background


Lampe Technical Textiles is a supplier of technical fabrics for use in medicine, agriculture, and sports, and develops products for filtration and ventilation processes. Focused on creating the optimal balance between “people, planet, and profit”, the company decided to update the outdated lighting in its production and storage areas to highly efficient and sustainable LED lights. In addition to lowering operational expenses and minimizing Lampe’s carbon footprint, the new system was required to create a better, more comfortable working environment for employees. A demanding task for lighting providers. 


The Solution


In order to not only match, but exceed Lampe’s requirements, Baiyiled developed a LED lighting solution, equipping both the production area and the storage area with high quality T8 tubes. Developed for efficient illumination with outstanding lighting performance, these multi-functional tubes presented the perfect choice for this project.  


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s solution, Lampe Technical Textiles chose a lighting system that is reliable, sustainable, and focused on providing high quality. The significant reduction in energy consumption, long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimized maintenance costs created savings of more than 75%. Additionally, the future-proof tubes enabled an easy upgrade of the system without replacing or rewiring the entire fixture, cutting down installation costs. In terms of illumination, the uniform, low-glare lighting performance increased visibility and safety levels of employees, which resulted in better visual comfort and health. In turn, the upgraded lighting areas where attention to small details is crucial and products are frequently placed and retrieved improved worker motivation and output. Finally, the recyclable components of Baiyiled’s lamps considerably decreased CO2 emissions and waste, advancing the sustainability agenda and contributing to a healthy and safe environment



                                                Project T8C Lampe Technical Textiles Production area   

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