The Background


Rotterdam is a technologically advanced, innovative city that is dedicated to constantly improving its sustainability and safety levels, making it popular with locals and tourists alike. In order to advance this agenda, the municipality launched an initiative to upgrade the existing lighting in more than 50 local car parks, such as car park Erusmusburg, to energy-efficient and green LED lighting.  


The Solution


Baiyiled’s partner Promteg Group was contracted to execute this comprehensive project, equipping Rotterdam’s car parks with Baiyiled’s lighting solution for parking areas. The future-proof LED T8 Tubes enable an easy upgrade of the system without replacing or rewiring the entire fixture. Their outstanding light quality, high uniformity, and reduced glare levels made them the ideal choice for this project.


The Benefits


Utilizing Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution, car park Erusmusburg was able to benefit on multiple levels. Offering additional value to the municipality of Rotterdam, the lighting system’s significantly reduced energy consumption, long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance, resulted in savings of more than 70%. Additionally, the recyclable components of Baiyiled’s lamps considerably decreased CO2 emissions and waste, contributing to the sustainability objective. Furthermore, the high-quality lighting performance improved visual comfort and lowered the potential for accidents, which in turn enhanced the feeling of safety for drivers and pedestrians. A promising, future-oriented solution for a comprehensive project





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