The Background


Drukkerij Stunnenberg is a print store providing a range of services such as webdesign, communication, and social media support. Pursuing its goal of delivering affordable, high quality solutions to its customers, the company decided to equip its working areas with high performing LED lighting that could enhance operational efficiency. Beyond cost savings, the new sytsem was required to create an environment that contributes to increased employee health and well-being through pleasant, low-glare illumination. A challenging task for lighting providers.


The Solution


In order to not only match, but exceed Stunnenberg’s requirements, Baiyiled’s LSA LED lining solution was chosen, due to its excellent lighting performance, dimming capabilities and easy clip-on mounting system. Specifically designed to provide uniform, low-glare illumination in industrial work areas, the connectable system was the optimal choice for this project.


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for industrial applications, Stunnenberg was able to realize and exceed the objectives it set. The lighting system’s low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance offer outstanding cost savings of more than 70%, maximizing the operational efficiency. Furthermore, the high quality illumination enhances the working environment, which benefits employees in several ways. Health, visibility, and visual comfort increase, which in turn contributes to improved mood, motivation, and work performance. An elegant and functional solution for the intelligent company of today and tomorrow. 




                  Project LSA Drukkerij Stunnenberg

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