The Background


The Lisbon Racket Center is a popular sport complex, specialized in tennis, paddle, squash, and gym activities. The stark focus on customers’ sport experience led the sport center to search for innovative, high quality lighting that could replace the aging lights on the tennis courts. In addition to creating the optimal illumination for a tennis match, the new system was required to decrease energy consumption in a cost-efficient way.


Due to its experience with providing both superior illumination quality and significant operational savings to sport facilities, Baiyiled Europe was asked to develop a lighting system for the tennis courts of the sport center.


The Solution


To achieve the objectives of this project, Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution featuring  TGE LED floodlights. Designed for the highly efficient illumination of wide areas, the floodlights deliver excellent lumen output and high resistance to weather conditions. Their uniform, low-glare lighting performance made them the perfect choice for the tennis courts, where players’ gaze is often directed upwards and follows a small, fast-moving object


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s customized lighting solution the Lisbon Racket Center was able to realize its goals. The LED floodlights’ low energy consumption, long lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance resulted in cost savings of up to 70%, taking operational efficiency to a new level. Furthermore, the high quality lighting performance of Baiyiled’s solution increased visibility and visual comfort on the field, making each game more enjoyable. The result is a better sport experience for athletes and spectators, which in turn improves popularity and profits for the sport park. A bright victory on all levels.



            Project TGE Lisbon Racket Center Portugal  

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