The Background


Vervoer Luypaert is a global logistics company, highly specialized in the transportation of forklifts. It places great importance on maintaining a high standard of its trucks, ensuring smooth operations and maximal customer satisfaction. However, the outdated lighting in the warehouse had become a major concern, as the diminished illumination and constant lamp breakage negatively affected employee performance and caused expensive work disruptions. In order to solve this problem, Luypaert deciced to replace the fluorescent lights with high quality LED lighting that would create a better work environment and minimize operational costs.


The Solution


For this project, Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution, featuring its highly efficient LSA lining system. Developed for the illumination of industrial applications with high ceilings, these luminaires provide an easy clip-on mounting system and deliver bright, uniform, low-glare lighting with minimal energy usage. This is especially important for areas where detail work requires high visibility levels, making the LSA lining system the perfect choice.


The Benefits


Vervoer Luypaert was able to realize several benefits using Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for its warehouse. The high quality lighting performance increased health, visibility, and visual comfort of employees, positively influencing their motivation and work output. In terms of operational efficiency, the lining system was up and running within one day, eliminating the need for lengthy disruptions and costly delays. Moreover, the low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance costs resulted in savings as high as 70%, allowing the logistics company to focus on its core business instead of lamp exchanges and repairs. An excellent solution for a company that promotes high standards in all areas of its operations.   



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