The Background


Belgian chocolate manufacturer Guylian is one of the leading premium chocolate brands and is sold in over 120 countries across the world. Beloved for its iconic seashell shaped pralines, the confectionery company dictates the best quality and performance in every part of its operations. In keeping with this high standard, Guylian decided to upgrade the lighting in its production facility and warehouse in Sint Niklaas, where the aging lighting systems were suffering from a decreasing illumination performance and inflated electricity cost. The new lighting was not only required to eliminate these concerns but go a step further to create a better working environment for employees, delivering additional value on every level


Due to its comprehensive experience with helping industrial companies benefit from the right illumination, Baiyiled was asked to create a customized lighting solution for Guylian’s facilities.


The Solution


In order to realize these objectives, Baiyiled developed a LED lighting solution, strategically placing the luminaires in areas that maximize their impact. More specifically, the warehouse was equipped with the popular LSA LED lining system, developed for industrial facilities with high ceilings. The uniform, low-glare illumination and easy clip-on mounting system make this system the ideal choice for areas where products are frequently placed and retrieved, using the entire width and height of the room. Guylian’s production areas were supplied with Baiyiled’s smart lighting solution, utilizing the LSBS LED luminaires. Their state-of-the-art sensor technology dims down illuminance levels to 10% in the absence of movements and instantly lights back up when motion is detected, ensuring the optimal amount of illumination when and where needed. Finally, the SLM LED streetlights with excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions and bright light performance were installed in the outdoor areas around Guylian’s buildings.


The Benefits


The chocolate manufacturer chose a solution that is smart, efficient, and focused on providing the best quality, just like the company itself. Utilizing Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for its indoor and outdoor areas, Guylian was able to benefit on a multitude of levels. The low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of up to 80.000h, and minimal maintenance resulted in unparalleled cost savings of up to 90%. Additionally, the short installation time prevented lengthy disruptions and costly delays, maximizing operational efficiency and contributing to the company’s growth. Beyond the ongoing energy and cost savings, the new lighting created a pleasant and stimulating working environment for employees. The high safety and visibility levels increased workers’ visual comfort and well-being, which in turn led to improved work motivation and performance. This elegant and functional lighting solution delivers the best illumination resultand supports Guylian’s goal to provide superior value to customers, employees, shareholders, and trading partners.   



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