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The Background


Interparking is one of the most successful public car park operators in Europe, managing hundreds of facilities across the Benelux countries, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, and Spain. Following the organization's goal to  be market leader in the field of environmentally-friendly parking solutions, Castellum in Houtem was the next parking garage in line to be upgraded. Its aging lighting system was suffering from diminishing illumination performance, inflated energy consumption, and high CO2 emissions, caused by round-the-clock operations. In order to make Castellum CO2 -neutral and enhance visibility and safety for visitors, Interparking decided to switch to a LED lighting system that would solve these issues and provide additional value.


The Solution


To achieve these objectives, Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution tailored to the demanding expectations of Interparking. The garage was equipped with the innovative LSB SmartLED luminaires, specifically designed for applications in car parks. Their state-of-the-art sensor technology dims down illuminance levels to 10% in the absence of movements and instantly lights back up when motion is detected. Additionally, the lumianires score with uniform, low-glare lighting performance and recyclable components, making them the perfect choice for this project.


The Benefits


Interparking chose a LED lighting system that aims at providing the best solution for people and the environment, just like the organization itself. The low energy consumption, long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance create savings of up to 90% and significantly decrease the need for lamp exchange or repair. These improvements drastically reduce Interparking’s carbon footprint, advancing their sustainability agenda. Furthermore, the high performance quality of Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution increases visibility levels for both pedestrians and drivers, helping them to identify objects faster and more easily and leading to a reduced risk of accidents. As a result, visitors feel safer and are more likely to return. A smart and functional solution for an innovative company working for a greener tomorrow.




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