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The Background


Vice Versa is a logistics service provider, specialized in refrigerated transport and cold stores across the Benelux countries and Germany. Its strong dedication to reliability and customer-satisfaction resulted in an initiative to upgrade the lighting in the cold store, aiming at improved working conditions for better work performance. The new illumination system was required to provide high levels of light intensity, uniformity, and visibility, while at the same time reducing energy consumption in the cold store. A challenging  task.


The Solution


Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution for Vice Versa's cold store, featuring the popular LSA clip-on lining system. Designed for industrial facilities with high ceilings, these highly efficient, multi-functional luminaires effortlessly withstand temperatures up to -20°C. Their bright, uniform lighting performance with minimized levels of glare made them the optimal choice for a demanding area, where products are frequently placed and retrieved. 


The Benefits


Vice versa chose a solution that is reliable and efficient, just like the company itself. The high lighting quality of the new system contributes to increased health and visual comfort of employees, positively influencing their motivation and work output. Furthermore, the low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance produce cost savings as high as 70%. As a result, Vice Versa can focus on its core business of providing excellent transport- and cold store services to its customers, instead of concerning itself with lamp exchanges and repairs. An exemplary outcome with benefits on all levels. 



                     Project LSA Vice Versa Logistic Center



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