The Background


Decor 2000 is a Belgian store, offering a wide variety of wall paints, window decorations, and floor materials to its customers. Its strong dedication to outstanding expertise and deeply-embedded customer-first mentality resulted in an initiative to create a pleasant shopping  environment that enhances visual comfort using lighting. The new system was required to provide bright, high quality illumination while at the same time minimizing electricity costs in the busy store. A demanding task for lighting providers.  


The Solution


Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution for the illumination of the store’s facilities, featuring the highly efficient LSA clip-on lining system. Developed for demanding conditions, such as retail, where light intensity, glare, and color recognition can influence customers’ decision making, these luminaires’ excellent lighting performance made them the ideal choice for this project.


The Benefits


With the new LED lighting solution Decor 2000 was able to create a better shopping environment for its customers. High quality illumination in the store not only ensures a more visually flattering display of products but also increases customers’ visual comfort and mood, which in turn, stimulates sales. In addition to an improved shopping experience, this lighting solution minimizes operational expenses; The low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance allow for cost savings as high as 70%, taking efficiency to a new level. An excellent outcome for the for all parties involved.



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