The Background


Profile Tyrecenter is the market leader in the mounting and replacement of tires and rims in the commercial vehicle market. The Belgian company offers a wide range of quality-, budget, and private brands, and provides independent advice to its customers, ensuring the best solutions for individual needs. In accordance with its key objectives, Profile Tyrecenter decided to replace the aging lighting system in the warehouse with high quality LED lighting in a sustainable and cost efficient way.


The Solution


In order to not only match, but exceed Profile Tyrecenter‘s expectations, Baiyiled created a smart lighting solution, featuring the LSBS LED luminaires. Their state-of-the-art sensor technology dims down illuminance levels to 10% in the absence of movements and instantly lights back up when motion is detected, ensuringthe optimal amount of illumination when and where needed. Moreover, they deliver uniform, bright lighting with reduced levels of glare, which is especially important for areas where products are frequently placed and retrieved. Finally, the luminaires' recyclable components made them the ideal choice for the company’s sustainability agenda.


The Benefits


Profile Tyrecenter chose a solution that is efficient, sustainable, and innovative, just like them. The smart lighting’s low energy consumption, long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance allow for savings of up to 70%, keeping the operational costs to a minimum. Moreover, the high illumination quality improves health and visual comfort of employees, which positively influences well-being and work performance. And with the luminaires contributing to significantly reduced CO2 emissions, this future-oriented lighting system truly proves the perfect solution for the innovative company of tomorrow.







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