The Background


Jacobs Beton is a concrete producer, offering a variety of concrete types and structures to its customers. Their mindset is focused on high quality, both externally and internally, so when they expanded to a second concrete plant in Hemiksem, every detail had to satisfy their high expectations. Especially the lighting in the warehouse was a key concern, as an inferior illumination performance and inflated electricity costs would not only drain resources, but also negatively affect employee health and performance. 


The Solution


Addressing these issues, Baiyiled created a lighting solution for the company’s warehouse, featuring the popular LSA LED luminaires. Developed for the efficient illumination of industrial facilities with high ceilings, this easy clip-on lining system provides a bright, uniform lighting performance with minimized levels of glare. This is especially important for areas where products are frequently placed and retrieved, using the entire width and height of the room, making this solution the perfect choice for Jacobs Beton.


The Benefits


As a result of this project, the concrete producer was able to realize exceptional benefits on multiple levels. The LED solutions’ low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance offer cost savings of up to 70%, allowing Jabobs Beton to focus on their core business. Furthermore, the high quality lighting enhances employee health and visual comfort, which in turn contributes to better mood, motivation, and work performance. An excellent solution for a company focused on quality in all areas of its operations.




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