The Background


csg Bogerman in Sneekis a high school of  CVO Southwest Friesland. It promotes personal development of each individual student, as well as the importance of working together to achieve success. To support well-being and stimulate productivity of students and teachers alike, the school launched an initiative to upgrade the lighting in its facilities. The goal was to replace the aging lighting system that was suffering from a decreasing illumination performance and inflated electricity costs, with high quality LED lighting in an energy- and cost efficient way.


The Solution


In accordance with Bogerman's objectives, Baiyiled custom-tailored a LED lighting solution, featuring a variety of luminaires for diverse areas of the school. More specifically, LED indirect PLB panels were installed in the corridors where students and teachers walk every day, socialize, and spend time during recess. Designed for the optimal illumination of schools, these panels provide bright, low-glare lighting for a safe and healthy environment in which everyone can grow. The teachers’ lounge was supplied with Baiyiled’s highly efficient LED T8 Tubes. Their excellent lighting performance with low glare- and flicker levels made them the ideal choice for an area with computers, where the wrong illumination can be detrimental to staff.


The Benefits


The Bogerman high school was able to realize benefits on several levels, using Baiyiled’s LED lighting solutions for the education sector. The high quality illumination in the corridors positively influence students’ health, development, and mood, stimulating their concentration and study performance in the next class. Teachers benefit from the lighting beyond the pleasant environment; the minimized glare- and flicker levels eliminate eyestrain and headache when working with computers, leading to a better teaching performance. Moreover, the LED solutions’ low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance allow for cost savings of up to 75%, keeping the electricity bill to a minimum. A true exercise in lighting excellence.


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