The Background


Welkoop is a popular chain of garden centers across the Netherlands, with expert advice, dedicated service personnel, competitive pricing, and excellent quality at the core of their operations. In an effort to provide the best shopping experience to customers, Welkoop decided to upgrade two of its stores, where the aging lighting system was striggling with a decreasing illumunation performance and inflated electricity costs. The new lighting was required to create a pleasant atmosphere and deliver high performance in an energy- and cost efficient way. A challenging task for lighting providers.


The Solution


In accordance with Welkoop’s requirements, Baiyiled created a customized lighting solution for two of its stores. More specifically, the stores’ shopping isles were equipped with LED indirect PLB panels, designed for demanding applications, like retail. In this particular area, factors such as light intensity, glare, and color recognition can influence customers’ decision making. The panel’s pleasant, low-glare illumination with excellent color rendering properties made them the perfect choice for this project.


The Benefits


The Welkoop garden centers were able to realize several benefits using Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for commercial applications. Its high light quality improved visibility and visual comfort for customers, positively influencing their shopping experience and stimulating sales. Moreover, the LED solutions’ low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance result in cost savings of up to 75%, allowing for increased operational efficiency. The perfect solution for a company that promotes going the extra mile.





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