Expert Harlem


The Background


Expert is a chain of consumer electronics stores operating worldwide and offering a wide variety of products in the area of information technology, telecommunications, entertainment, and electrical appliances. They promote innovation and competence, so when one of their stores in the Netherlands needed relighting, Expert wanted a solution, that would stand out through its superiority in terms of both quality and efficiency. Additionally, the lighting was supposed to optimize the visibility within the store, thereby enhancing the shopping experience for customers.


The Solution


In accordance with Expert’ requirements, Baiyiled created a customized lighting solution for the area showcasing the products. The existing lighting was replaced with LED indirect PLB panels, designedfor demanding application areas like retail, where factors such as light intensity, glare, and color recognition can influence customers’ decision making. The panel’s pleasant, low-glare lighting with excellent color rendering properties made them the perfect choice for this project.


The Benefits


Expert chose a lighting system that is innovative and customer focused, just like them. Baiyiled’s LED solution elevated the store’s illumination to the next level; better lighting with low glare- and flicker-levels improved the working environment for employees, contributing to increased health and work morale. Furthermore, the heightened visibility and visual comfort created a pleasant shopping atmosphere for customers, which positively influences moods and decision making. In terms of efficiency, the new system’s low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance allow for cost savings of up to 75%, keeping the electricity bill to a minimum. A true exercise in lighting excellence.



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