The Background


Schaafstra B.V. is a chain of stores across the Netherlands offering a wide variety of wood - and building material both for indoor and outdoor applications. They aim to provide faster, smarter, and cheaper solutions and have a strong emphasis on sustainability. In accordance woth this agenda, Schaafstra decided to upgrade the lighting in the outdoor presentation area thar was suffering from diminishing light performance and caused inflated electricity bills.The new illumnation system was required to deliver excellent visibility in all weather conditions and decrease energy consumption, therebyminimizing the environmental impact.


The Solution


Taking these requirements into consideration, Baiyiled created a customized solution for Schaafstra, featuring a combination of highly efficient SLA and SLM LED streetlights with different wattages for the best illumination result. Their excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, low energy usage, and optimal light quality performance made them the perfect choice for this project. Additionally the streetlights' recyclable components presented the ideal match for Schaafstra’s sustainability policy.


The Benefits


The wood- and building materials store chose a solution that is smart, competitive, and sustainable just like them. Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for outdoor areas delivers high quality lighting, increasing visibility and visual comfort of both customers and employees. As a result, not only do work motivation and efficiency improve, but bright illumination with excellent color rendering properties also enhances the shopping experience, which positively influences sales. In terms of efficiency, the new system’s low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, and minimal maintenance costs allow for savings of impressive 80%, freeing up money to invest in other projects. Furthermore, the significantly reduced carbon footprint and recyclable components perfectly correspond to Schaafstra’s sustainability agenda, contributing to a greener tomorrow.



 Project streetlight Schaafstra Dongen


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