The Background


Volkswagen is the largest car manufacturer worldwide and stands for innovation and sustainability. They are dedicated to ensure that their facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and every part the equipment is of top quality. So when a VW dealership in Denmark needed relighting of its workshop, the lighting to be installed had to satisfy a tough list of requirements. Beyond contributing to a work space that could improve employee mood and motivation, the light was expected to provide increased operational efficiency for the workshop. Moreover, a key concern was the environment, so the lighting needed to be sustainable and significantly reduce the carbon footprint


The Solution


The workshop was supplied with Baiyiled's populat LSA LED lining solution for industrial applications. The featured LSA luminaires are specially designed to provide uniform, bright illumination with reduced levels of glare for halls with high ceilings. The luminaires’ superior lighting performance, easy clip-on mounting system, and recyclable components presented the ideal match for VW’s requirements.


The Benefits


The VW dealership was able to realize several benefits using Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for the workshop. The high quality illumination increased visibility and visual comfort for employees, improving their motivation and working efficiency. In terms of operations, the lining system’s low energy consumption, extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h, and minimal maintenance costs resulted in savings of outstanding 70%. Accordingly, the dealership not only, refocused resources on its core business instead of on lamp exchanges and repairs, but also significantly reduced its carbon footprint; A clear victory on all levels. 



           Project LSA WV Dealer workshop Denmark  



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