LED verlichting in cleanroom Sonaca 2 ss



The Background


Sonaca S.A. is a Belgian company, active in the development, manufacturing, assembling, and testing of aerospace structures for civil, military, and space markets. In an effort to provide a productive working environment for its employees, Sonaca decided to equip the new 1000m2 aircraft cleaning room with high quality LED lighting. Beyond complying with the demanding requirements of a cleaning room, the illumination was expected to satisfy the company’s strive for innovation and operational excellence.  


The Solution


In order to not only match, but exceed Sonacas requirements, Baiyiled’s LSA LED lining solution was chosen, due to its excellent lighting performance, dimming capabilities and easy clip-on mounting system. Specifically designed to provide uniform, low-glare illumination in industrial work areas, the connectable system was the optimal choice for this project. 


The Benefits


Utilizing Baiyiled’s lining solution, Sonaca has been able to benefit on several levels. Compared to traditional lighting such as HID lamps, the highly efficient LED luminaires allow for energy savings of up to 80%. Moreover, the extended LSA lifetime of 80.000h and minimal maintenance enable Sonaca to minimize ongoing operational costs, advancing its strive for innovation and operational excellence. On top of these energy and cost savings, Baiyiled’s solution offers more and better light, with LUX levels of 600lx and high uniformity levels facilitating increased employee visibility, visual comfort, and productivity. An outstanding result for all parties involved.



                                 Project LSA Sonaca Clearn Room



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