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The Background


Popular sport center Het Rooi in Antwerp offers a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities, including gymnastics, martial arts, football, basketball, and tennis. When plans of an expansion became reality and a new building featuring four tennis courts was constructed, a main concern was finding a lighting system that could combine outstanding light quality with high operational efficiency. At the same time, the illumination was required to comply with the sport center’s emphasis on innovation and sustainability. A challenging task for lighting providers.


The Solution


In order to achieve the objectives set by Het Rooi, Baiyiled provided its LED Lighting Solution for the new sport building. The tennis hall was equipped with the highly efficient LSA lining system, specially designed for the application in demanding areas. Their easy clip-on system and uniform, low-glare illumination made them the ideal choice for a sport, where players’ gaze is often directed upwards, when they follow a small, fast-moving object. 


The Benefits


Utilizing Baiyiled’s sustainable lining solution, Het Rooi has been able to benefit on many levels. Compared to conventional sport hall lighting, such as fluorescent tubes, this highly efficient LED lighting system allows for energy savings of more than 60%, while minimizing CO2 emissions. Moreover, the extended luminaire lifetime of 80.000h and significantly reduced maintenance costs enable the sport center to maximize operational efficiency and focus on providing an extraordinary sport experience to its visitors. Athletes and spectators profit from the increased safety, visibility, and visual comfort, which lead to more enjoyable gameplays, improved popularity and profits for the sport center. A win-win situation for all players involved.



 Project LSA Tennis Club Het Rooi Antwerp


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