The Background


Tribus B.V. is an innovative company, dedicated to providing excellent and convenient travel to everyone. They specialize in converting light commercial vehicles into customized minibuses and vans for taxi companies, hotels, airports, public transport, VIP transport, and the comfortable and practical transportation of wheelchair users. In accordance with its commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and delivering the best vehicles for special applications, the company decided to equip its production area with high performing LED lighting.


Due to its comprehensive experience with providing outstanding lighting performance and operational efficiency in the industrial sector, Baiyiled Europe was asked to develop a customized lighting solution for Tribus.


The Solution


For this project Baiyiled developed a customized lighting solution, that would not only match but exceed Tribus’ vision. The existing lighting system in the production area was replaced with Baiyiled’s GKD LED High-Bays, specifically developed to provide bright, uniform illumination of industrial facilities. The storage area was equipped with LED GKC High-Bays that offer high-quality, low-glare lighting in areas where products are frequently placed and retrieved, using the entire width and height of the room. 


The Benefits


Utilizing Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution in its facilities, Tribus achieved benefits on multiple levels. The new high-quality illumination improves safety and visual comfort of employees, which contributes to better well-being and more efficient work performance. Moreover, the highly efficient lighting solution allows for energy savings of more than 70%. Combined with the long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h and minimal maintenance, Tribus’ ongoing operational costs are minimized, which facilitates an extraordinary payback period of only 3,5 years. An elegant and functional solution for the innovative company of today and tomorrow.   



       Project Highbay Tribus production area   



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