The Background


Bekaert is a global provider of steel wire transformation and coating technologies, dedicated to creating superior value in the most cost effective and sustainable way. To advance this agenda, Bekaert decided to upgrade the illumination in its facilities worldwide to LED  lighting. Beyond providing superior performance that could improve workers' health, safety, and productivity, the new lighthing had to minimize CO2 emissions, and offer a short payback period. A demanding task for lighting providers. 

As a prequalified and preferred supplier in Bekaert's worldwide relighting program, Baiyiled Europe was asked to create the lighting solutions for numerous facilities. Baiyiled's comprehensive experience with helping industrial companies benefit from the right illumination, made it the perfect choice for this project.


The Solution


Bekaert’s facilities across the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, and Costa Rica were supplied with Baiyiled’s popular LSA LED lining system. Tailored to individual requirements of factories and warehouses, the diverse combinations of the multifunctional LSAs offer the best illumination results in terms of light quality and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the excellent, low-glare lighting performance, motion detection technology and easy clip-on mounting system made these luminaries the perfect solution for Bekaert’s industrial facilities. Similarly, combinations of Baiyiled’s weather resistant SLM LED streetlights were installed on streets and parking lots around Bekaert buildings, providing bright and uniform illumination for visitors and employees.


The Benefits

With Baiyiled’s LED lighting solutions in place, Bekaert was able to realize outstanding benefits on multiple levels. The high energy efficiency of the solutions allowed for a steep decrease of energy consumption by impressive 80% across the upgraded facilities. Moreover, the extended lifetime of 80.000h and minimal maintenance costs additionally contributed toward an extraordinary payback period of only 24 months. Beyond savings on energy and operational costs, the new lighting improved employee safety and visibility and resulted in better well-being and more efficient work performance. Finally, the cuts in energy usage and recyclable components of Baiyiled’s lamps helped reduce CO2 emissions, advancing Bekaert’s sustainability agenda; An excellent solution for the global steel giant.     



Project LSA Bekaert Production and warehouse

 Project LSA Bekaert office workshop meeting room

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