The Background


Popular sport park Berg en Bal offers a diverse range of activities like fitness courses, winter sports, archery, and tennis across its locations in the Netherlands. Always striving to be the best, the multi-sport venue decided to equip its tennis courts with superior LED lighting that could improve the sport experience for athletes and spectators alike. The new system was expected to simultaneously provide outstanding illumination performance while also reducing energy consumption; A challenging task. 


Due to its experience with helping sport facilities realize significant savings while offering superior light quality, Baiyiled Europe was asked to create the lighting solutions for the tennis courts in Castricum and Limmen. 


The Solution


To achieve the objectives of this comprehensive project, Baiyiled developed a three-phase illumination plan. In phases one and two, the indoor tennis courts in Limmen and Castricum were equipped with connectable LSA lining systems. The LED luminaires used were specifically designed for the application in sport halls, offering easy clip-on mounting and outstanding lighting performance with high uniformity and reduced glare levels. In phase three, TGE LED floodlights were installed on the outdoor tennis court in Castricum. Designed for the highly efficient lighting of wide areas, the floodlights deliver excellent lumen output and high resistance to weather conditions, the perfect choice for an outdoor tennis court.


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s customized lighting solution Berg en Bal achieved great benefits on all levels. The highly efficient luminaries and floodlights reduced energy consumption by phenomenal 70%. In addition to these energy savings, the extended lifetime of up to 80.000h and minimized maintenance costs allowed Berg en Bal to realize an incredible payback period of only 3,5 years. Moreover, the high quality lighting on the tennis courts improved safety, visibility, and visual comfort of athletes and viewing experience for spectators, resulting in improved popularity and profits for the sport park. A win-win situation for all players involved.



 Project LSA Multisportpark Berg en Bal  




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