verlichting dana warehouse 



The Background


Dana Incorporated is the leading global supplier of a wide range of parts for the automotive industry. Following its commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and minimizing the environmental impact, it decided to upgrade the illumination in its warehouse to innovative LED lighting. Beyond advancing the CSR agenda, the new system was expected to simultaneously maximize light performance and the savings on operational costs.


As a preferred supplier for Dana's relighting project, Baiyiled Europe was selected to develop a lighting solution tailored to the demanding requirenents of the future-oriented company. Baiyiled's comprehensive experience with helping industrial companies benefit from the right illumination, made it the perfect choice for this project


The Solution


To achieve the objectives set by Dana Inc., a lighting solution was created that involved replacing the existing lighting in the warehouse with LED lighting. Specifically designed to provide high quality, low-glare illumination for industrial applications, Baiyiled’s LSA line system with recyclable components presented the ideal match for Dana’s policy to “minimize waste, prevent pollution, and conserve energy”.



The Benefits


Utilizing this lighting solution in its warehouse, Dana Incorporated significantly decreased its carbon foorprint while realizing phenomenal energy savings of 80%. This outstanding level of efficiency combined with the LSAs' lifetime of 80.000h and low maintenance costs, facilitated a payback period of only 36 months. Moreover, beyond savings, the luminaires offer high quality quality illumination, increasing employee safety, visibility, and well-being, which in turn leads to better work performance. An intelligent solution for a greener tomorrow.




Project LSA Dana Incorporated Warehouse

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