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The Background


Sport center De Uithof in The Hague is one of the most prestigious destinations for sport lovers in the Netherlands. The highly popular venue regularly hosts events, celebrations, and tournaments, providing a home to professional ice hockey team HYS. In order to improve the suffering light quality and high levels of energy consumption of its winter sport facilities, De Uithof decided to upgrade them to feature innovative LED lighting. An outstanding lighting performance that would enhance the sport experience for athletes and spectators, and a speedy execution of the plan were key concerns of this project. At the same time, affordability was crucial to keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly.


Lighting consultants from Baiyiled were invited to create a solution that could accomplish the goals set by De Uithof and deliver additional value to visitors and operators. Baiyiled’s experience in helping sports venues achieve significant savings and offer superior illumination quality, made it the perfect choice for this project.


The Solution


Taking De Uithof’s requirements into consideration, Baiyiled developed a customized solution for the lighting upgrade of the winter sport facilities. Baiyiled was in charge of the entire project, from the initial lighting design to the replacement of existing lamps, including future maintenance. More specifically, the popular ice hockey hall was equipped with a combination of GKC LED high-bays with different wattages for the best illumination result. The fixtures’ bright, uniform light, and wide distribution made them ideal for application in this area. Further, the busy ice skating rink was supplied with SDB LED low-bays, developed specifically for the high-performance illumination of low-ceiling facilities like this. 


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s custom-tailored lighting solution, De Uithof achieved benefits on many different levels. The sport center was able to forego an upfront investment in favor of plannable, monthly payments which are not disruptive to its day-to-day operations. Additionally, the execution of the project was completed within a short time span of only 2 weeks, ensuring that visitors and operators could instantly benefit from the numerous advantages of headache-free, excellent lighting. The highly efficient LED luminaires decreased energy consumption from a total of 37.5kW to only 10.6kW, resulting in high yearly savings. And because Baiyiled is fully responsible for the maintenance of its lighting, De Uithof can focus on its core business, allowing it to make profits from day one. On top of these energy and cost savings, the solution offers more and better light, doubling LUX levels from 200lx to 400lx. As a result, the increased visibility and safety levels, as well as the visual comfort contribute to a better, more enjoyable sport experience for athletes and spectators alike. A clear victory on all levels.



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