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The Background


t’Kompas is a Christian elementary school committed to providing a safe, stimulating learning environment for students and teachers alike. In an effort to support the physical and cognitive development of children, the school decided to upgrade its buildings to high quality LED lighting. Beyond improved study performance, the aim was to significantly decrease energy consumption in a sustainable way.


The Solution


In order to achieve the objectives set by t’Kompas, Baiyiled created a lighting solution, replacing the existent fluorescent tube system with LED indirect PLB panels. Specifically designed for the optimal illumination of schools, the indirect panels provide bright, low-glare lighting with excellent color rendering properties. An ideal choice for this project.


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s highly efficient LED lighting solution, elementary school t’Kompas was able to decrease energy consumption across facilities by as much as 70%. The long lifetime of 50.000h and minimal maintenance of the lamps allow for ongoing operational savings. Additionally, the use of recyclable lamp components perfectly corresponds to the school’s sustainability objective, contributing to a greener future for generations to come. Students, staff, and visitors benefit from the increased lighting performance via enhanced well-being and visual comfort, which in turn improves concentration and study performance. A true exercise in lighting excellence.



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