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The Background


Facing Amsterdam’s popular shopping mall with the same name, car park Brazilië offers a convenient space for visitors to leave their cars when shopping and exploring the city. However, constant illumination of the venue had driven up energy consumption and maintenance levels, inflating operational costs. To optimize efficiency and increase visual comfort and safety levels for visitors, the car park decided to upgrade its existing lights to LED lighting.


Due to its comprehensive experience with providing outstanding lighting performance and operational efficiency in the parking sector, Baiyiled Europe was asked to develop a customized lighting solution for Brazilië. 


The Solution


For this project, a solution was created, utilizing innovative LSB SmartLED luminaires, specifically designed for the demanding conditions of car parks. Their state-of-the-art sensor technology dims down illuminance levels to 10% in the absence of movements and instantly lights back up when motion is detected. Additionally, their bright, low-glare lighting makes them the ideal replacement for conventional tubes, offering the perfect amount of high quality illumination when and where needed.


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s Smart lighting solution, Brazilië was able to realize exceptional energy savings of as much as 70%. The extended lifetime of 50.000h and significantly minimized maintenance decreased electricity and operational costs, freeing up money for other projects. Furthermore, this lighting solution improved visibility and visual comfort for pedestrians and drivers, thus enhancing the feeling of safety and security for all visitors.



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