The Background


The UNDP (United Nations Development Program) is part of the support to economic recovery, community security and social cohesion in Lebanese communities affected by the Syrian Crisis. As part of their work, the program decided to upgrade the streetlights in Terbol to LED lighting. The new system was required to not only withstand the hot temperatures, but capitalize on the sun all year round, producing cost savings that could be passed on to the Terbol community and diminishing the carbon footprint.



The Solution


Albina Sal, Baiyiled’s distributor and partner in Lebanon was contracted to execute this project, from the concrete foundation down to the selection of the electrical components. For this part, they chose Baiyiled to provide a comprehensive LED lighting solution with solar elements, featuring a combination of SLA and SLM streetlights. Their excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, low energy usage, and optimal light quality performance presented the perfect match for this project



The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s lighting solution in place, the village of Terbol was able to benefit on multiple levels. The reduced energy consumption across the city, long lamp lifetime of 50.000h, and minimized maintenance created saving of as much as 80%, and significanty decreased CO2 emissions. Additionally, the improved light quality and visual comfort led to better visibility and safety levels for the people in the village. An excellent outcome that contributes to a healthier and more sustainable future.




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