The Background


The VIP Challenge in Saint-Sulpice is a famous race car center, where novices and professional drivers can experience the adrenaline of competing against each other. From the elegant showroom displaying a variety of exclusive race cars for offer their prestigious circuits, a unique experience for the visitors is always a priority. In accordance with this priority, the center decided to upgrade the aging lighting system in the showroom to a high-performance LED solution. In addition to excellent illumination quality, the lighting was required to increase operational efficiency of the venue.


The Solution


In order to achieve the objectives set by the center, Baiyiled developed a LED lighting solution, featuring the GKC High-Bays. The fixtures’ bright, uniform light, with excellent color rendering properties made them the ideal choice for presenting the race cars in the best way possible.


The Benefits


As a result of the upgrade, VIP Challenge was able to benefit on multiple levels. The long luminaire lifetime of 50.000h, deep cuts in energy consumption, and minimized maintenance allow for savings as high as 66%. Visitors benefit from the outstanding light performance in terms of improved visual comfort and better visibility, which increase the fun and joy of inspecting and choosing cars. In turn, this leads to a unique and thrilling experience that raises the centers exposure and popularity. An excellent result for all parties involved.



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