Ginnekenhof LED highbay 50w sustainable baiyiled



The Background


The beautiful and historic area of Ginneken is located in the south-east of Breda. When the lighting system in the area had to be updated to reflect its green and innovative theme, the city decided to switch to an LED solution that could offer the optimal mix of top quality lighting and a high efficiency level.


The Solution


For this project Baiyiled created a LED lighting solution featuring customized GKA High-Bays with a line mounting system and an IP65 protection mark. The quick and easy installation, high resistance to harsh weather conditions, and high levels of brightness and uniformity made them the ideal choice for outdoor application.


The Benefits


With Baiyiled’s LED lighting solution for the Ginnenken outdoor area, the city of Breda was able to achieve energy savings of more than 75%. Beyond the steep cut in the electricity bill, the high-bays’ long lifetime of 50.000h and minimal maintenance costs helped the city to take operational efficiency to the next level. Furthermore, the low CO2 emissions and high quality lighting performance of Baiyiled’s solution increased visual comfort and visibility of car drivers and pedestrians, ultimately contributing to a safe and environmentally-friendly neighborhood.




  Project publich lighting Ginnekenhof Breda



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