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Sport field illumination has always been challenging as it requires, higher lighting level with great uniformity.  

We can see it from the International tennis lighting requirements in the below table.

Tennis Court Lighting Requirements


As most of the Tennis facilities in Europe falls into Class II, We will be focusing on Lighting Solution for Class II


A typical lighting solution for a Class II indoor tennis facility with 4 Courts (Traditional HID Fixtures) is with (Per Court)

  • 4 Pc HID Lamp 400W
  • 4 Pc HID Lamp 800W

Total Consumption of the fixtures (with Ballast) can be calculated as below

6000w = 4 x (HID 400w + Ballast 100w) + 4 x (HID 800w + Ballast 200w)

Total Consumption on Tennis facility (4 courts)

24000w = 6000w x 4 courts


In Europe, many of the Class II indoor tennis court can’t reach the minimum lighting requirements anymore, This is mainly caused by the Light deprecation on the HID lamp; therefore, over a certain period, the average Lux level  on the court could fell down below 400 Lux with uniformity less than 0, 5. 


LED lighting solution for indoor tennis court with LSA LED Fixtures is with (Per Court)

  • 48 Pc BAIYILED LSA 56W LED High-Ceiling Luminaries

Total Consumption of the Fixture can be calculated as below

2688w = 48 x LSA 56w

Total Consumption on Tennis facility (4 courts)

10752w = 2688w x 4 courts


As reference,   you can download the Lighting calculation report for more details.

Solution for 2 Tennis Courts

Solution for 3 Tennis Courts

Solution for 4 Tennis Courts

tennis court lighting 3D


tennisbaan led verlichting

Below we have made a simple comparison between the above mentioned solutions

Traditional HID Lighting Solution Vs LED lighting solution 

comparison led vs HID


From the above comparison, it’s quite obvious to see the advantages on LED lighting solution.


What would be the Cost for the LED lighting solution?

From the total project cost point of view, LED Solution is certainly more expensive than HID Solution, but on the long term with consideration on the Energy and Maintenance cost, it would become much more competitive than the HID solution.

Interested for the LED solution but no budget for investment?

BAIYILED Europe could offer complete Turn-key project from project design, lighting calculation to installation as a total Service package (Light as Service, or also being recognized as leasing contract)



If you would like to get more information on the LED solution for Tennis courts, Please contact our team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   



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