The High Ceiling LED Luminaire comes with an effective lumen output of 115lm/w, which results in a total lumen output of almost 6500lm; the reflectors Inside the LSA Luminaire have adopted the latest NANO technology to contributes to an even higher lighting density output that allow lighting distribution for longer distance; and BAIYILED Self-developed LED driver that have been equipped with the LSA Luminaire ensure its longer lifetime of more than 50,000 hours (100,000 hours when it operates at 25C°)


All these Characteristics have proven the LSA Luminaire to be a perfect solution for high ceiling illumination designs where for example conventional double batten fitting with 2 *58W TL fluorescent tube are applied.


With this solution, companies are not only able to easily move down their electricity consumption for each fitting from 140W to 56W without compromise on the brightness or light quality. They will also benefit from zero costs on the maintenance of their lighting system and a reduction of the companies’ CO2 emissions, contributing to a greener world!


Let’s build a greener world together!



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