At BAIYILED we always strive to develop new ways to make LED light as durable and feasible as possible. A great example of this are the BAIYILED indirect LED panels. These panels provide some great added value compared to common direct panels and are becoming increasingly popular.


 Most importantly indirect light is softer to the eyes and the surrounding area. This has a significant influence on reducing eye strain and eye focus problems. Prominent research reveals that 25% of employees working under direct light lose over 15 minutes of productivity a day to problems resulting from glare. While working under indirect light, only 3% of employees experience this issue. The research also shows that after experiencing both direct and indirect light, 75% of employees prefer working under indirect light.


The influence on health also gives indirect light additional financial advantages. As mentioned before, indirect light lowers productivity loss from glare issues. This means that employees working under indirect light tend to be more efficient. Proof of this can be found in a research at the Reno post office in Nevada. After introducing an indirect light solution in the workspaces, the post office saw a productivity increase of 6%. The Reno post office became the most efficient sorter across the western region of the united states and enjoyed an increase of 400,000 – 500,000 dollar a year as a result of this.


Combining the advantages of indirect light with those of LED light enabled BAIYILED to develop panels with a great return on investment. These panels do not only lower carbon footprints and energy consumption, but also increase comfort, health and productivity on the work floor.   


For more information about the BAIYILED indirect panels, take a look at the product page or consult our lighting experts via the contact page.

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