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About Baiyiled

Baiyiled Europe is a global manufacturer of innovative lighting systems and leading provider of LED lighting solutions in Europe. As such, our diverse product portfolio is made to serve a wide range of indoor and outdoor areas, including sports, education, offices, parking garages, and industry. We have built our knowledge and experience in the course of many years, helping companies worldwide optimize their illumination systems and realize high levels of energy- and cost efficiency. And in order to provide additional value every step of the way, we offer a variety of services, specifically developed to help our customers and partners optimize their illumination systems and achieve their individual business goals.



The Importance of Quality

From LED chip to cover, each component of our luminaires reaches the highest finishes, durability, and design requirements and is produced, using advanced state of the art equipment. The key component in their design is quality, thus our materials and production processes undergo extremely rigorous quality controls, down to the last detail. This way we ensure that our high standards are met and the luminaires are ready provide value to our customers.



Employees as a Pillar of Success

We believe that a respectful and secure work environment is an enterprise success driver. The well-being and self-fulfillment of our employees are as crucial to us as delivering the best possible lighting experience for our customers. That is why we provide our employees with challenging work content, foster individual opportunities, and offer incentives. In turn, our highly motivated staff members are dedicated to delivering the best LED lighting solutions, an outcome that shows in the satisfaction of our customers and partners.



A Green Future for Generations to Come

Providing energy-efficient lighting solutions that improve well-being, comfort, focus, and safety is only part of what is driving us at Baiyiled. We want to ensure a sustainable environment and future for generations to come. For us this means optimizing the usage of raw materials and minimizing our waste by implementing innovative production processes with minimal environmental impact. These initiatives allow us to develop environmentally friendly lighting solutions for our customers, employees, and communities. Today and tomorrow. 


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